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Arthritis can be treated

Is your pet missing the spring in her step? Is he a little stiff and slow to rise?

We can help!

All of our companions can have arthritis but mainly we are concerned with dogs, cats and horses. If your companion is limping, stiff (when walking or getting up), doesn’t like going up or down stairs or won’t perform the activities he used to, then they are usually experiencing some level of pain. (After all, if we had the same symptoms the same could be said about us.) In cats, not jumping up to the furniture or window and sometimes urinating or defecating next to the litter box can be an indication that she hurts. In horses, lameness, inactivity or not wanting to lie down and difficulty getting up are indications of pain.

The important point is it is NOT NORMAL!! First, there are tremendous benefits to diet and exercise from a young age. There are some good studies in dogs that indicate that overweight dogs or those fed too many calories when they are young are much more likely to develop arthritis at a younger age. It is never too late to lose weight but it gets harder as time goes by. Horses are susceptible to pituitary gland problems as they age (“Cushing’s Disease”) that can affect feet and overall condition.

Foods containing glucosamine and chondroitin will not do any harm and even though studies are not consistent in showing that they will do any good, we have seen results from giving separate supplements in some patients. There are very good studies that indicate the benefit of omega 3 fatty acids but there are various doses.

Your companions do not have to hurt. We have a wide range of pain reliever options, including medicines, supplements, herbal products, chiropractic, acupuncture and low-level laser therapy to fit those that need treatment and can often find ways to keep them within your budget.

Please contact us for consultation on maintaining your arthritic animal.