Equine Diagnostics

Xray_Equine_footDigital Radiograph

  • Portable- It is available for emergency diagnostics in the field.
  • Images in seconds on computer screen
  • Rapid consultation

Lameness Evaluation

  • Hoof exam, hoof testing and consultation with farriers
  • Digital X-ray
  • Gait evaluation
  • Limb flexion tests
  • Nerve Blocks (regional anesthesia)
  • Joint Blocks (Intra-articular anesthesia)
  • Joint Injections (intra-articular medications)
  • Maintenance therapy (Injectables- Adequan, Legend)
  • Consultation/recommendations for oral supplementation or anti-inflammatory medications.


  • Soft tissue, tendon, ligament injures
  • Monitor healing of wounds

In House Laboratory

  • CBC/Fibrinogen
  • Equine Chemistry Screen
  • Serology
  • Cytology
  • Urinalysis